Specialty Areas

Hot Tub

We are currently remodeling this area.

Infrared Dry Heat Saunas

Our dry heat saunas, are a wonderful way to warm up, and detoxify the body. Turn it on, and sit back, and let the heat melt away the stress of the day. May we suggest a shower to rinse away the toxins from the skin after a good sweating, and a bottle of water to rehydrate your body. 

Steam Room for Males

Our steam room is spacious, clean and waiting to help steam away clogged pores and clear sinuses. There is plenty of room for friends.

Work Out Area

BOW FLEX machine and free weights with mirrors to check yourself (or others) out as you work it! Take a trip to our showers and then the hot tub or steam room to relax afterwards. Bottles of water at the front desk.

Play Room for MalesNEW! second floor "PLAY PEN"

Come upstairs and try our new play room. We have theme areas, and exciting new apparatuses to 'work out' on.



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